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This is a step-by-step guide to help create a complete facilities assignment for any configured item.  We will start with a foundation of creating your sites and build upon that with connections, buildings and terminals.  Finally, we will assigned facilities to a set or circuit.  

When navigating through the course you can click on any bolded text to go directly to the section in the Learning Center or simply use the links at the bottom of each module. 

Step 1: Creating Your Site Heirarchy

Most times, your site levels will be created when we install your database, although you cannot delete levels you can add and modify existing Site Levels.

When you are adding sites, there are two types that correlate to your site levels.  The highest of your site levels are the Root Site and those below that are Child Sites.    

Just the links:

·     Creating your Site Levels

·        Creating your Root Sites

·       Creating your Child Sites

Step 2: Types

There are a few types of things that you have to determine before you can continue to create your facilities.  These are:

·         Connection Types

·         Path Usage

·         Building Types

·         Terminal Types

Step 3: Creating your Connection Groups

Your sites are created, now you get to add in connections and path ranges.  This is a three step process.  The first step is to create your Connections Groups, this pretty much is site, connection name and connection type.  Second step, add the Path Range to the connection group and the status of those paths, don’t worry it defaults to working!  Last step, add the Site Association to your Connection group, if the connection access multiple sites.    

Just the links:

·         Creating your Connection Groups

·         Adding Paths to Connection Groups

·         Adding Site to a Connection Group

Step 4: Buildings

Ok, you have sites and connections, so let’s tie it all together by creating your buildings.  This is a little longer process, but we will work through it step-by-step.  Step one, Create a Building, this is basic building information like site, building name, building type, etc.  Now we can Create the Terminal that will hold the cables in your building. Last part requires two steps, associating the connection to the terminal and assigning a path range to the connection. 

Just the links:

·         Creating your Buildings

·         Creating your Terminals

·         Adding a connection group to a terminal

·         Adding a path range to a terminal

Step 5: Facilities and Configured Items

The last step in your process is to provide the sets or circuits with facilities.  To add facilities to a set, click here.  For a circuit facilities, click here.

Just the links:

·         Adding Facilities to a Set

·         Adding Facilities to a Circuit


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