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Rich Text Notes

Rich text notes give you the ability to retain the formatting of the text when copying and pasting from other documents.  The notes can be found in the following areas of the software:

·         Official Accounts,

·         Unofficial Accounts

·         All Active Orders,

·         Order History,

·         All Active Troubles,

·         Trouble History

·         Subscribers


·         Retain the formatting of copied test

·         Can modify text

·         View date, time, and author for each note

·         You can edit all notes whether you created it or not

·         You cannot delete notes created by other users

·         When printing the format remains as it is in the note


Standard View.  From the note list, it is possible to manage note categories (which can be associated with document templates), add notes, edit notes, and delete notes.

Condensed View.  In the condensed view, the height of the notes are limited so only the top of each note is visible.  This makes it easier to get an idea of what each note is about without seeing the full contents of every note.  Please look at the previous image to get in idea of the difference between this view and the standard view that shows the entire contents of each note:

Collapsed, to see some notes but not others, it is also possible to collapse notes individually:

Version 13 Changes

Basic Formatting Options

·         Bold

·         Underline

·         Italic

·         Font (size and color)

·         Bulleting

·         Numbering

·         Highlighting

Categories and Document Templates:

From the note editor it is also possible to manage categories and their related document templates.  The Load action will replace the contents of the document with the note template for the selected category.  If the note is not empty, you will get a prompt confirming that you want to replace your note.  If you accidentally do this, don’t worry . . .  We’ve got you covered with the Undo and Redo buttons in the ribbon.  Use the Modify action to edit the currently selected category and its template.  If you would like to add a new category, use the Create action.

One time-saving feature of the new note manager is document templates.  If you create notes that are always structured in the same way, you may wish to add the text and structure of the notes that are always the same into a document template.  When you create or modify a category, you will see an editor that looks nearly identical to the editor for creating and editing notes.  Whatever you add to the document for a category will be loaded automatically into a new document when you select that category.  Once you have edited the document, you will need to use the Load button if you want to replace your changes with the contents of the category document template.


·         No Images

·         Text copied from a website will come in as plain text with no formatting



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