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User Interace

Searching the List

Instant Search

Instant searches are performed from the Instant Search field located in the upper right-hand corner of the Main Form and allow you to search for alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric information.

1.    Once the search term is entered, click the magnifying glass icon located next to the Instant Search field to initiate the search. The results matching your criteria display.

2.    When clicked, the drop-down arrow next to the Instant Search field displays four additional options.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search allows you to place a descriptor on your search, for example, Contains, Equal to, start date, end start, etc.

1.    Click the double drop-down arrow next to the magnifying glass.

2.    The Advanced Search field opens displaying search fields corresponding to the selected Band.

3.    Next to each search field is a search criteria descriptor such as Contains, Equal to, Contains etc. This descriptor tells the system how to look for the information within the fields. A different descriptor can be selected by clicking the field’s descriptor button.  

4.    Choose the new descriptor and type the search criteria into the field. Press Enter. Results matching your search criteria display.

Search Options

Last Search – When you click on this link, CAIRS performs your previous search and displays the results.

Choosing a Band to Search – When searching the Primary Band, you are only searching the highest level of the tree. If you have only a Primary Band you will never be able to uncheck that band as the check boxes are more like radio buttons, where one must always be selected.


Where you will see more than one band within Band to Search is on a screen where data can be expanded.  In that case you will see additional bands corresponding to the number of levels of expanded data. Band 2, includes the fields underneath the Primary Band while Band 3 includes the fields underneath Band 2.

To search the fields within a secondary Band (Band 2, 3, 4, etc.) click to checkmark the desired Band within the Band to Search menu. 

My Recent Searches – Displays recent searches. Keep in mind; this only displays your searches.

Other Recent Searches – Displays the recent searches from all users.



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