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Learning Center

When you double-click on any record within The List or add a new record, the General window opens. (The title at the top of the screen changes depending on what detail record you are in!)

Quick Access Toolbar

At the top of every detail record, there are always going to be three buttons: print, excel, pdf and text. These allow you to export the information within the window to the appropriate program.


Typically, within a Details Record there is a Sharing tab next to the Ribbon Tab.

Clicking the Sharing tab displays the following Ribbon Groups.

The Ribbon

The Ribbon, located at the top of the each record, allows you to quickly navigate to actions you can perform for the record. We have organized all the actions into groups. Each ribbon group allows you to perform a task, view information, obtain details, etc.

Within each ribbon group are button, there are three different kinds of buttons: Standard, Segmented and Combination.

Standard Button

The screenshot below shows an example of a standard button. Standard buttons have only one function and unlike Segmented Buttons, they are not segmented so that the upper and lower portions have separate functions.

Segmented Button

The Segmented button provides two different functions. When clicked, the top part of the button acts as a Standard Button with a single function, and the bottom part of the button provides a menu containing one or more additional options.

Combination Button   

A Combination Button is a button containing a Standard button and a drop down arrow on the side. The Standard Button has a single function and when clicked, the drop down arrow displays one or more additional options.

Auto Hide

1.       Sections within a Detail Record can be hidden by clicking the auto-hide button located within the upper right hand corner of each section. The screenshot below shows the button icon.


2.       After clicking the icon, the section collapses and becomes hidden. The screenshot below shows the Work Order Info section after clicking Auto Hide. Notice that the pushpin icon no longer points down but now points to the left.


3.       To unhide the section, re-click the icon. The section expands and is no longer hidden.