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Cancel a Trouble Ticket

You can cancel a Trouble Ticket at any time during the work flow. However, if you have components associated to the Trouble Ticket, they remain in your database. In order to change or remove the configured components you must access them through menu item. 

Cancelling a Trouble Ticket

1.       Click Orders/Troubles.

2.       Within the Navigation pane, click Troubles and then All Active Troubles.

3.       A list of the open troubles populates. If you have a large number of active tickets, the list may not populate. To populate the list, do one of the following:

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.   Once the list opens, double-click on the order number. 

5.   A Trouble Tickets window opens. Within the Order Actions ribbon group, click the Cancel Order button.

6.   If you have configured components for the ticket, a message box displays informing you that cancelling the ticket will not change the status of the configured components. Even if you cancel the ticket the configured components remain in your database.

7.   Within the box, click Yes to continue cancelling the ticket or No to return to the ticket, remove the configured component and then cancel the ticket.

8.   Once you click Yes, a text box displays allowing you to enter in a reason for cancelling. Type the reason and click the OK button.

9.   To view the cancelled Trouble Tickets, click Troubles then Order History.

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