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Learning Center

The Trouble Ticket process is the same as the work order process.  Each trouble ticket contains a work flow with work centers, time frames and data components. 

Through this menu option, users can track trouble tickets in several different ways and view the history of completed or cancelled trouble tickets. 

The approach to the troubles system is slightly different from the approach used in CAIRS 32.  In cairs.net, we use Work Flows; this is the process the trouble ticket goes through from start to finish.  Each Work Flow contains two parts, the work centers, and time frames. 

A work center is much like an in-box/basket in that it holds a set of data components you need to complete before the trouble ticket can be sent to the next work center and time frame.  Examples of work centers are directory, inside plant, outside plant, QA, etc. 

Each work center is assigned into a time frame; a time frame allows the work flow to progress sequentially.  This means the work from one work center needs to be complete before the trouble ticket can continue within the work flow.  If two work centers, are in the same time frame they can be worked on concurrently.  Once this trouble ticket enters the time frame, both work centers can access and complete their work at the same time (with respect to open record management). 

! Open Record Management is important in the trouble ticket process.  When one person is accessing the trouble ticket, they own it, meaning that if another person tries to open it and make changes cairs.net is going to notify them that the trouble ticket is currently opened by another user (the user name is displayed) and that if any changes are made they might not be saved to the record. 

In the following example, the trouble issuer and directory information are assigned into time frame 1, inside and outside plant are assigned into time frame 2 and so on. 

Assigned to each work center are one or more data components.  A data component is the information you are working on for this trouble ticket.  There are eight different data components:

·         Subscribers

·         Authorization Code

·         Circuit

·         Account

·         General Task

·         Cell Phone

·         Set Device

·         Set Device (EWSD)

When a data component is added to a work center, the required fields for the component must be completed before the work order can be sent to the next work center. 

Menu Options

The following menu options are available within Troubles:

·         Troubles – allows you to view, create, and modify trouble tickets within the database.

·         My Work Center Troubles – provides a list of trouble tickets currently assigned into a work center you have privileges to access.

·         Troubles Assigned to Me - provides a list of trouble tickets assigned or sent to you by another user.

·         Troubles Created By Me – provides a list of the trouble tickets that you created. 

·         Held Troubles – provides a list of trouble tickets currently on hold.

·         All Active Troubles – provides a list of all open trouble tickets within your system.

·         Trouble History – provides a list of trouble tickets cancelled or completed within your system.