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The profile system is the main method for establishing security levels for cairs.net users. Cairs.net requires that every user have a profile assignment. A profile allows system administrators to design one set of access rights and privileges based on a group of people. There are three different access aspects for each profile:  Menu and Actions, Switches, and Work Centers. When you create a profile, you limit the cairs.net database access each user has based on these three aspects.

First, you grant each profile access to certain menus and then actions it can perform within each menu. Let us take the Facilities menu for example. Within Facilities, there are three sub-menus:  Buildings, Connections, and Sites and you may want to allow a profile to perform functions only within Buildings. To restrict profile functionality to Buildings you would remove the Allow functions for Connections, and Sites, making those menu options read only.

Second, each profile can access one or more switches. When granting access within this option, you allow the profile members access to the switch records and can grant them an SMA switch connection. This access does not affect who can send information to the switch when completing work orders.

Finally, you can grant each profile access to specific work centers allowing people to be responsible for only their portion of the work order and the work order to flow electronically from one job center to the next.

1.    Click the System Admin menu.

2.    In the Navigation pane, click the plus sign (+) next to Security to access the sub-menus.

3.    Click Profiles.

4.    There are two ways to add a new profile:

·         Within the tool bar directly above the Navigation pane, click the dropdown arrow next to New. From the list, select Profile.

·         Within the Actions pane, click the Add New Profile link.

5.    With either option, the General-Profile window opens. Enter in the following information for the profile (required fields are marked with an asterisk (*):

·         Profile Name* – type-in the alphanumeric profile name, we recommend keeping profile names easy to identify when adding a user, for example administrator, site user, TCO, etc.

·         Description – type-in a brief profile description

·         Disabled * – click the box to insert a checkmark to disable the profile. We recommend administrators disable profiles instead of deleting them. This saves time by allowing you to activate a profile instead of re-adding.

6.    Within the Actions ribbon group, click the Save (to save and stay) button to continue working with the profile, or click the Save & Close (to save and exit) button to return to the Profiles list.