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Number Plans

Number Plan contains information regarding the different dialing plans or exchanges within your database. A number plan is a way to group or catalog all similar telephone numbers together. For example, a number plan may be 702-216-0000 to 702-216-5000.

Number Plans

Adding a Number Plan

1.    Click the System Admin menu.

2.    In the Navigation pane, click Number Plan.

3.    There are two ways to add a Number Plan:

·         Within the tool bar directly above the Navigation pane, click the dropdown arrow next to New. From the list, select Directory Number Management – NNX.

·         Within the Actions pane, click the Add New Number Plan link.

4.    With either option, the Number Plan window opens. Complete the following information (fields with an asterisk (*) are required):

·         Number Plan Name* – the number plan name as it should appear when viewing, reporting on, etc. When naming the number plan, be as specific as possible to ensure users can identify it in the future.

·         Number Plan Type* – click the dropdown arrow to access a list and from the list, select one of the following number plan types:

·         Commercial – numbers appearing outside the sites standard dialing plan but important for the site to track, for example, pay phones, restaurants, etc. These numbers appear in the directory.

·         Standard – telephone numbers used for official and unofficial business.

·         Special –telephone numbers not restricted to the standard dialing plan’s rules, for example 411 and 911. These have to be created as a dialing plan to be added within the Work Order System.

·         Primary Billing Site – click the dropdown arrow to access a list of sites from the list select the primary billing site.  This allows call records to be matched to the appropriate number plan based on site information, thus allowing the call records to be associated to the correct extension.  This is helpful if you have the same telephone number on two different sites.  

·         Dial Length* – type in a number from 3 to10 indicating the length of the digits dialed.

·         Country Code* – type in the country code, up to 4 numeric digits.

·         Area Code – type in the area code, up to 3 numeric digits.

·         Directory Number Mask – type in the mask for the directory numbers within this number plan.

·         An example of a mask would be 216-####. This means every number within this number plan requires that 216 be dialed before the 4 digit extension. Another mask example would be ###-####, meaning that any seven digit combination of numbers can be used for an extension.

·         DSN Exchange – type in the DSN exchange, up to 3 numeric 6 digits.

·         Months Before Reuse* type in a number to indicate the number of months before reissuing directory numbers within this number plan. Use a zero to reissue the number immediately.

·         Official – check mark the box to indicate the numbers within this number plan are for official use only.

! The following fields are used, is your switch uses a different prefix than This is currently used for HiPath only.

·         Cairs Prefix – type-in the prefix for the telephone numbers within your database.

·         Switch Prefix –type-in the prefix for the telephone numbers as they appear within your switch database.

·         Base Digits – type-in the number of digits that follow the prefix.

·         Interface 911 Prefix – type the prefix that you want to append to all numbers within this dial plan when you generate a 911 file within the 911 Interface.

5.    Within the Actions ribbon group, click Save (to save and stay), click Save & Close (to save and exit), or click Save & New (to save and refresh the screen).


Deleting a Number Plan

Please keep in mind that to delete a number plan, all telephone assignments must first be re-assigned or deleted. There are two ways to delete a number plan:

1.    Click the System Admin menu.

2.    In the Navigation pane, click Number Plan.

3.    Within the Directory Number Management-NNX list, highlight the plan to delete. There are two ways to delete a plan:

·         Within the tool bar directly above the Navigation pane, click the red X.

·         Highlight the plan number within the list and within the Actions pane click the Delete Number Plan link.

4.    Once you click Delete, a message box appears verifying that you really want to delete the number plan, click Yes within the box to continue or No to cancel the operation.

5.    If telephone numbers are still associated with this number plan, a message box will say, “There are Dial Plan Numbers associated with this Dial Plan it cannot be deleted as this time.”  Click OK to continue.


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