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Within Billing Settings, you are configuring your billing reports for Official and Unofficial accounts in Billing Report Setup.  Within Billing General Settings, you are defining how cairs.net bills your one-time, recurring and call charges. 

Billing Report Setup

This menu option allows you to design the appearance of your bills. The following menu options are available within Billing Reports:

·         Official Report Setup

·         Unofficial Report Setup

·         Combined Official Report Setup

·         Combined Unofficial Report Setup

·         Billing Information

·         Mailed Bill Elements

The first four options allow you to design the bills for the appropriate account type whether official or unofficial.

When you add a Billing Report Configuration, there are a few panes of information. The Report General Settings pane allows you to name the report, designate your report separation options, and indicate whether the report is generated to the Subscriber Portal. The second pane contains the element relating to the header rows of the report. These element types maybe lines, dates, etc.

The Report Body Sections allows you to create what information you want to see within the report. For example, if you want to see a report for call charges and one-time charges or a report for all charges. For each element type, you can determine the page location as well as font, font size and style.

In addition to determining the element types, you also place single fields from the account into the report. For example, if you want the account number to appear in the report, you would select Account Number from the Element Data Fields column. When you select an element data field, the element type auto-populates with Data Field Value.


We will cover the process once within the manual, as the process to create a configuration for official accounts is the same as the process for unofficial accounts.

When working within the Report Header Rows pane and the Report Body Sections pane, the information you select works from the top of the page down.

The Report Preview pane will show a preview of the report every time you add a new element. Also, a new pdf window opens with the newly added element.

When you select a field from the Element Data Fields column, it is a good idea to enter in text, for example, if you select account number from the list and enter in nothing in the text field, only the account number prints on the report. However, if you type-in Account Number in the text field, the text Account Number appears before the actual number.

The Element Data Field is used to place single values into the report.

The Element Type is used to place large amount of data into the report.