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From System Admin, administrators setup universal program characteristics including the number plan, work flows, and field customization.  Often times, only the system administrator has access to this menu option and you may have full access or read-only access depending on the rights granted to you by the administrator. 


The Security sub-menu allows administrators to define who has system access and their access type.  Administrators create profiles allowing them to manage access rights and privileges for a group of users instead of dealing with each user individually.  Within Security, administrators can view login information and user actions.


From the Configuration Package sub-menu administrators manage equipment, services, and other information needed to create a work order via Subscriber Portal.  Essentially, administrators build a template to use when creating a specific work order.


The Data Sync Center software component allows to communicate with your different switches to compare the data within your database to that within the switch.  Once compared, you can import the missing information into you database.  Within this menu option, you also utilize a 911 interface that exports necessary information from your database into files used by certain 911 programs.  The last sub-menu option, Import External Data, allows a Unique Communication Solutions representative to create your initial database by importing information from external files or files from other programs. 


Work Flow Setup allows your administrator to create the necessary workflows you will use to input information into the database on a daily basis.  Each workflow consists of work centers, time frames and data components.  Once each are built into the database and depending upon your profile, you can use them to input telephone, circuit, subscriber and other information into the database. 


System Settings defines how your operates in specific situations.  You define the system backbone that includes organization levels, site levels, field customization, etc. 


From Call Record Setup, you manage all call record facets.  The administrator defines call pricing groups, rate groups, rate types, etc.


Within Service Management, you view errors that have occurred within your system, whether they are general, email or service manager errors.


Number Plan contains different dialing plans or exchange information within your database.  A number plan groups or catalogs all similar telephone numbers together.  For example, a number plan may be 702-216-0000 to 702-216-5000.


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