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The Data Sync Center compares the data in cairs.net with the data on each switch it’s monitoring.  The Unique installation team and the System Administrator will work in conjunction to perform a Switch Sync.  The initial Switch Sync pulls data from the switch to create the foundation for your database.

System Administrators  use subsequent syncs to synchronize the cairs.net database and the switch database.  Unique Communications follows the industry standard that the “Switch is the Bible.”  Additionally, cairs.net provides the functionality of sync exceptions reporting (‘out of sync’) giving administrators the option of reviewing the database discrepancies.

Administrators can run subsequent syncs manually or schedule daily, weekly, or monthly syncs.  Additionally, the Data Sync Center gives you switch syncs results by displaying the in-sync and out-of-sync data.  You can configure the Data Sync to resolve exceptions (out-of-sync data) automatically or to generate a report (log) of exceptions for manual review.  This is a great tool in maintaining database integrity. 

The six switch syncs cairs.net offers are:

·         Port – compares the port numbers in your cairs.net database to the switch data.

·         Number Plan – (CS2100/SL100 only) shows area and office codes based off the TOFC Name Report.

·         Number Plan Listing – (CS2100/SL100 only) pulls in all the non-published listings, just the DNs not the configured set, from the switch.

·         Feature Key Maps (FKM) Syncs (for EWSD switches) – compares the features key maps for the sets in the cairs.net database to the switch data.

·         Configured Sets – compares the set device data in your cairs.net database to the switch data.

·         Hunt Group Syncs – compares the hunt group data in your cairs.net database to the switch data.

·         Switch Speed Dial (EWSD Switches) compares the Speed Dial Groups data in your cairs.net database to the switch data.

·         Switch Hunt Group Members (EWSD Switches) – compares the hunt group members data in your cairs.net database to the switch data.

Administrators have additional functions within the Data Sync Center.  The first is the 911 Interface.  This allows you to create a template to gather information from within your cairs.net database to send to an external 911 program.

The final function allows a Unique Communications representative the ability to import information into your database from an external source such as an Access Database.