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Custom Report Templates

Step Two: Grid Size

1.       The next step is to determine the number of rows and columns within your template, within the Grid Size pane complete the following fields, both field are required:

·         Total Rows – type-in the total number of rows for your template

·         Total Columns – type-in the total number of columns for your template

2.   Notice that after you type a number into the field, the appropriate number of row or columns appear within the Template Setup pan. 

! Using the Grid Size pane, to add additional rows and columns adds the rows to the bottom and the columns to the right. Using the Grid Size pane to reduce the number of rows and columns at a later time deletes rows from the bottom and columns from the right including any information they contain.

3.   At this point it is a good idea to save your progress, within the Actions ribbon group click the Save button to save your changes and continue working with the template


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