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1.     Click the System Admin menu.

2.     In the Navigation pane, click Custom Report Template

3.     There are two ways to add a Template:

·         Within the tool bar directly above the Navigation pane, click the dropdown arrow next to New. From the list, select Custom Report Template

·         Within the Actions pane, click the Add New Custom Report Template link.

4.   With either option the General – Custom Report Template window opens.  Within the General Information pane, complete the following fields, required fields are marked within an asterisk (*):

·         Report Template Name – type-in the template name, be as specific as possible so when your users know what each template is designed for

·         Description – type-in a brief description of the template, your users will see both the template name and description when selecting

·         Page Report When Out of Space – click the box to insert a checkmark to allow the template to be copied to the next page if the first page runs out of room. 

! It's important to understand that if the Page Report When Out of Space feature is utilized any cells containing report totals/aggregates will display on each page unless you decide otherwise. The totals displayed within the cell(s) will not reflect the totals/aggregates for just that page but for the report in its entirety.

·         Top Level Data Fill Behavior – click the dropdown arrow to access a list, from the list select one of the following options to indicate how cairs.net manages

·         Automatically Determine

·         Duplicate Entire Record

·         New Row Per Record

5.   At this point it is a good idea to save your progress, within the Actions ribbon group click the Save button to save your changes and continue working with the template