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The Custom Report Template allows you to create a customized report for printing your work order information. In the creating process, you first design a template, which includes rows, columns, borders, etc. Then you can add in fields from the work order, what this does is when you generate the report if you have the field Building, the building name/number from the work order populates in the field. You can further customize your report by adding in shrinking rows, leaving out spaces, etc. The process to create the template may be a little time consuming but well worth the payoff!

Ribbon Groups

Each ribbon group allows you to perform a set of functions relating to you template, for example, setting your grid lines, adding borders, copying the template, etc. 


Within the Actions ribbon group, you can perform the following:

·         Save & Close – click this button to save the completed information and to return to the Custom Report Template list.

·         Delete – click this button to delete the template

·         Save – click this button to save the completed information and continue working with the template.

·         Save & New – click this button to save the template and to start adding a new template.

·         Refresh – click this button to refresh the screen and apply recently changed items.

Grid Lines and Update Border

The following three selections determine the lines for the border of the selected cell(s) within the grid in the Template Setup pane:

·         Single Line – this selection creates a single line border for the selected cell within the grid

·         Double Line – this selection creates a double line border for selected cell within the grid

·         None – no border is created for the selected cell, or the border in place are removed

Template Actions

Within this ribbon group you can copy or export your template.

Template Panes

There are four panes of information within the Custom Report Template window, they are:

·         Template Setup

·         General Information

·         Grid Size

·         Properties – Selected Cells

Template Setup

This pane displays what the template looks like.  Any changes you make within the other panes are reflected within this pane.

General information

This pane allows you to define basic template information, such as template name, description, etc. 

Grid Size

Within this pane, you determine the number of rows and columns within your report.  At any time during the creation process, you can add or delete columns. 

Properties – Selected Cells

This pane allows you to define how the cell is used and what information will be contained within the cell.