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You can add a border to you entire report, a single column or row, or a group of columns or row.  There are several options available within the Grid Lines and Update Border ribbon groups. 

Report Border:

It is recommended that you do not add a border surrounding the outside of the entire report until the very end of the creation process. If a double line report border is added before the rest of the report is completed and then later a single line border is added to a cell or cells contributing to the report border, any double line borders on these cells will be replaced by a single line border. Subsequently, when the report is exported or printed the report border will be inconsistent, containing both double and single lines.

To add a border to the entire report:

1.       Left click the upper most left cell. All cells are selected and highlight.

2.       Click the Custom Report Template tab.

3.       From the Grid Lines ribbon group, select the grid line type.

4.       The selected border is applied to the report.

! Double Line borders appear as a thick single line while viewing the custom report template within the Custom Report Template window. To view the double line border, export the custom report template to Excel and then choose print preview. For steps on how to complete these two options, see Exporting, Previewing, Printing, Copying and Deleting.

Removing a Border

To remove a border from a cell or selected area:

1.        Left click and hold down the mouse button within the first cell comprising the bordered area.

2.       Drag your mouse to select and highlight any additional cells comprising the bordered area. The selected cells highlight.

3.       Click the Custom Report Template tab.

4.       From the Grid Lines ribbon group, select the grid line type None.

5.       From the Grid Lines ribbon group, select the grid line type you want to remove.

·         Left – removes a left border.

·         Right – removes a right border.

·         Top – removes a top border.

·         Bottom – removes a bottom border.

·         All – removes a left, right, top and bottom border.

6.   The selected border(s) is removed.