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Switch settings are added and deleted through the ‘View Switch Settings’ action with initial values configured individually for each switch. Before making any switch setting changes, please consult your switch technician or cairs.net administrator. The initial switch type values must be configured in order for WOPR-ASI to communicate with the switch properly.

1.    Click the Switches menu.

2.    In the Navigation pane, click Switches.

3.    Depending on the amount of records you have within your database, the list may not readily populate. To populate the list, perform one of the following actions:

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.    Once the list populates, double-click the switch to modify. The Switch screen opens.

5.    Within the toolbar, directly above the ribbon, click the WOPR Integration tab, the tab changes, but the information within the pane remains.

6.    Click the Global Variables button within the ASI ribbon group. The screen changes and displays the Global Variables defined within cairs.net.

7.    There are three ways to find the variable to define:

·         Scroll through the list.

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record and then click the magnifying glass (to return to the full list, click the red X within the textbox).

·         Click any column header to sort the list alphabetically or numerically in either normal or reverse order.

·         Once you have found the variable, click the Initial Value field, and enter in the appropriate information.

8.    Within the toolbar, directly above the ribbon, click the Switch tab. The screen changes displaying general switch information.

9.    Within the Actions ribbon group, click Save (to save and stay) or click Save & Close (to save and exit).

Clicking the Default Initial Value button resets the initial values back to their default values.  You can see what the default value is by looking in the Description field.  Use this button with caution as it overrides any Initial Values changes you have made.  Click the Save button for your changes to take effect.