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UCE Monitor

The UCE Monitor shows the last time the individual WOPRs checked in looking for work and ensures the WOPRS are up, running, and ready to process requests. Every time a WOPR computer checks in, the date/time field is modified to reflect the activity. If a WOPR does not check in at a pre-determined time, the text turns an auburn color indicating the WOPR has been slow to check in, or missed 1 or more check-in times. If the number of missed check-in times exceeds a pre-determined amount, the text will turn red indicating the WOPR is most likely not functioning. Causes for this could be a computer problem, network disconnection or perhaps a WOPR software issue. The following columns, of read only information, display within the WOPR Monitor.

·         Switch Name

·         Last Updated

·         Current Status

·         Last collected

If you click on the plus sign (+) next to the switch name more detailed information regarding the status appears.  


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