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Portal Menu Access

Subscribers must exist in your CAIRS database in order to have access to the portal.  When they first register with the portal, they will be notified that they will only have access to the phone book until a CAIRS administrator authorizes their user.  In addition to authorizing a user, you can grant them access to menu options.  The following menu options are available:

·         Billing

·         Call Record Search

·         Control Numbers

·         Inventory

·         Phonebook

·         Service Requests

·         Troubles

Your CAIRS administrators can define the defaults that will be given to any registered subscriber, you can adjust that by adding or removing the checkmarks.  To add access, click on the box to add a checkmark. To remove access, click on the box to remove the checkmark.  After you make any changes, click on the Save & Close button in the Actions ribbon group.  


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