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New Trouble Tickets

1.     If you are not already on the Troubles window, click on Troubles link in the blue menu bar at the top of the page

2.     The screen changes to display a list of the open trouble tickets. In the menu bar directly below the logo, click the New Trouble link.


3.     The New Trouble window opens.  Complete  the following fields:

·         Trouble Category – click the dropdown arrow to access a list of the trouble categories, from the list select one of the following options:

·         General

·         Telephone

·         Circuit

·         Cell Phone

If you select telephone, circuit or cell phone, an additional field becomes available for you to enter in the name or number of the troubled device. As you start typing the name or number in, a list of the matching devices becomes available for you to choose from. You can scroll down using the down arrow on your keyboard or using your mouse.  Once at your selection either press enter on your keyboard or click on the device. 

If you continue with a telephone number or circuit name that is not in the database, you will get a message when you save saying the component is not recognized.  You must enter a valid telephone number or circuit name into the field before saving. 

·         Work Flow – click the dropdown arrow to access a list of the trouble ticket work flows, select the appropriate work flow.

·         Contact Name – type-in the contact name for the ticket

·         Contact Phone – type-in the contact phone number, for telephone troubles you should enter a different number that than the troubled device. 

·         Request Notes – type-in any additional comments regarding the trouble ticket.

4.   Once all fields are complete click on the Save button.  Your trouble will appear at the top of the list.  


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