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Attaching a File to a Service Request

Often times, it’s necessary to attach a file to a request.  You can attach a file to a service request before submitting it to 

1.       Directly below Notes textbox, click the Attach a file link.


2.   The Choose File to Upload popup opens. 


3.   Browse to the location of the file to upload.  Once there, highlight the file name, notice that the name now appears in the File Name textbox in the lower portion of the popup. 


4.   Click the Open button.  You are returned to the service request screen.  Your attachment now appears directly below the Attach a File link. 


!  Files larger than 2.9 MB cannot be attached.

5.   Perform the same procedure to attach multiple files (if needed) to a request. 

6.   Once finished, click the Save and Close button.  


Deleting a File Attachment

A file can be deleted before you Save and Close the service Request.  To do so, click on the trash can next to the file name.  The file attachment is removed from the service request.  

Viewing a File Attachment

You can only view an attachment made to a service request after the request has been submitted and appears in Open Orders. 

1.     If you are not already on the Service Request window, click the Service Requests link at the top left hand corner of the Subscriber Portal window

2.     In the menu bar directly below the logo, click on the Open Orders link. The screen changes to display a list of open order within your portal. 


3.     The most recently submitted work order appears at the top of the list, within the list find the work order to view and click on the Order Details link in the upper right hand corner of the box.

4.     The screen changes to display the order details.  Within the lower portion of the box, directly under File Attachments is the name of the file you attached.


5.     To view the file, click on the file name. 

6.     Depending on your popup blocker, a message box may appear asking if you really want to open the file, click Open to continue.


7.     The file opens in the appropriate program.  


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