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Learning Center

Registering for the portal is a two-step process.  First you will create your username and password, this grants you access to only the phonebook.  The second step involves a cairs.net user, they must assign your subscriber name to a TCO Group before you can submit service requests and view billing data.  

1.       Open an internet browser and type in the local internet address for Subscriber Portal.

2.       Click Enter on your keyboard.

! If you do not know what the internet address is, contact a TCO from your TCO Group or your cairs.net administrator to help you.

3.   The Subscriber Portal login page opens.

4.   Since you are a new subscriber, you need to register your information.  Click on the Register link located ‘Under Don’t have an account?’

5.   The Register for a new account screen opens.  Complete the following fields:

·         Site - click the field to access a dropdown list and from the list select your assigned site. 

·         Organization - click the field to access a dropdown list and from the list select your assigned organization.

·         User Name– type-in the user name you will use to login to Subscriber Portal.

!  If your username already exists, after you click the Register button a message appears stating “Invalid username selected, please try again’. You must enter a valid username before continuing. If the username entered is your, you can request a password reset, please see the ‘Reset Password Reset Request’ section. 

·         Password – type-in your password, your password must be 6 characters long and contain 2 letters and 2 number

·         Confirm Password – re-enter your password for verification.

·         First Name – type-in your first name.

·         Last Name – type-in your last name.

·         Contact Number – type-in your contact telephone number.

·         Email Address – type-in your contact email address.

·         Job Description – type-in your job description.

·         Comments – comments can be added when registering.

6.   Once you have completed the information, click the Register button

7.   You are redirected to the login window.  Enter your Username and Password, and click the Login button to enter the Subscriber Portal.