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The Operator Phonebook allows you to search for directory records.  There are two panes of information, the top pane has a variety of filters that you can use to search for a directory record.  The lower pane display the actual phone book listings. 

When you first click on the Phonebook link, the lower pane will default to show all the listings that are in your Phonebook.

In the Field Filter pane there are several textboxes that allows you to search for any portion of the directory listing.  To create a filter, select the field that you want to search on and click on the corresponding textbox.  Type in any portion of the record, this can be a single character or an entire name. 

When you have entered in the information, click on the Search button in the lower left hand corner of the pane.  Your results display in the Phone Book pane. 

A few notes about filters. 

Be Specific – the more information you put in the textboxes the more filtered your results

Use Multiple fields – you can enter information into more than one field

Use portions of names – if you are searching for a name and not sure on the spelling, just type in a few letters, it will display a list of anything that matches the letter sequence

You can clear you search at any time by clicking on the Clear Search link.  This removes all information from the textboxes and restores the phonebook back to the default listing.  

You can export the Phonebook into an Excel format.  Directly below the Phone Book pane, is the Generate Export File link.  To export your phonebook, click on the Generate Export File link.  

When your file is ready to export the link changes to Download Export File.  Click on the link to download the file, you will be asked if you want to Open the file, Save or Save As, click on your appropriate selection.  When you choose to open the file, it will open within Excel. 

If you choose to save the file, the file will be downloaded to your Downloads. You can access you Downloads by clicking on the View Downloads button in the textbox that appears at the bottom of your screen.

The View Download popup opens, your Phonebook Export is the first file listed you can double click to open the file or click on the open button. 

If you choose to Save As popup opens allowing you to browse to the location of where you want to save the file.  Once at the location, click on the Save button.