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Subscriber Portal


Subscriber Portal is a browser based application providing site related communication system management tools.  Subscriber Portal enables subscribers to submit orders and trouble tickets, check status, view billing data, search your phone directory, etc.  The content of your portal is determined by your administrator and managed partly within 

Subscriber Portal consists of several components, each allowing you to perform a different set of tasks:

·         Service Requests – you can create work orders for new service, change existing service or disconnect service for telephones or circuits.

·         Troubles – you can create trouble tickets for Telephone, Circuit, Cell Phone or General Task

·         Billing – you can view, download and verify your monthly billing statements for one-time, recurring and call charges

·         Phone Book – provides an online searchable directory for both internal and external use

·         Call Record Search – perform a search to find calls and the charges associated with each call record

·         Control Numbers – view a list of your related control numbers and their statuses


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