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There are two options when creating the schedule for your jobs. Within the Schedule ribbon group are two buttons the Manage Schedule and Create Schedule button.  The Create Schedule button allows you to create the dates and times of when the job is to occur.  Once the schedule is created you can use the Manage Schedule button to make any necessary changes. 

The schedule pane lists all the dates and times of when the job is to occur.  You can create schedule entries here, however it is much easier to use the Create Schedule button.

There are four pane of information within the General – Preventive Maintenance Jobs screen. They are General, Email, Order Template, and Schedule.

General Pane

The General Pane displays basic job information such as job type, description and the action that cairs will perform.  There are three actions that cairs can perform: start an order or trouble ticket, send an email or do both.  

Email Pane

The email pane displays the contacts that will receive the email from cairs. 

Order Template Pane

This pane displays all the information that will be transferred to the order or trouble ticket when created. 

Schedule Pane

There are three tabs within this pane.  The Schedule tab display the times and days the job will occur.  The Process Log tab displays the job name as well as the status of the job. The Created Records tab displays the order, troubles or emails that have been created for the job.  You can double click on any record to view the complete information.