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Work Order Views

Within the Views pane, you can sort your work order list based on certain characteristics. For example, you can view all the active work orders relating to a site. The default or simple list displays all work orders starting with the most recently created work order first. The following views are available:

·         Simple List

·         Switch Name

·         Show Items with Circuit Names

·         Subscriber Last Name

·         Show Items with Phone Numbers

·         Organization Name

·         Work Flow Custom Fields

·         Contact Name

·         Notes

·         Contact Phone

·         Work Center Name

·         TCO Group

·         Status

·         Resource Mgr

·         Site

·         Custom Summary

·         Building Name


When you click the option circle next to a selection, the list changes to group your work orders based on the common characteristic. For example, if you select Building, all work orders assigned to building 1 are grouped together; building 2 are together and so on. For each group, you can click the plus sign next to the group name to view the work orders within the grouping. 


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