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There are three panes of information when you view the general order screen.  The first pane, General Order Information, displays basic order information, this includes such items as site, building name, switch name, TCO, project open and close date, etc.  Some of the information from this pane will carry over into each of the sub-orders associated to the general order. 

The second pane, Sub-Orders/Packages, displays a list of the sub-order associated to the general order.  There are several selections at the top of the pane that allow you to view different pieces of information associated to the sub-orders.  The first selection, Toggle Selection, allows you to quickly place a checkmark in the Selected column or to remove the checkmark.  The Show dropdown box allows you to view the sub-orders and their status the following selections are available:

·         All Orders

·         All Active Orders

·         Orders on Hold

·         Closed Orders

·         Cancelled Orders

The lat pane, Selected Sub-Order Package Fields, displays the additional request fields completed by the Subscriber when they submitted the request via Subscriber Portal.  This is read only information.