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Release Orders from Hold

1.       Click the Orders/Troubles menu.

2.       Within the Navigation pane, click Orders and then All General Active Orders.

3.       A list of the open orders populates. If you have a large number of active work orders, the list may not populate. To populate the list, do one of the following:

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.       Once the list opens, double-click the order number. The general work order window opens. 

5.       Within the Sub-Orders/Packages pane, find the order that you want to Release from Hold, within the Selected column click the box to insert a checkmark.  You can place a checkmark in multiple rows if desired. 

6.       Within the Sub-Order Actions ribbon group, click on the Release Orders from Hold button.

7.       A message box displays allowing you to enter a reason why you are releasing the hold on the sub-order(s). Type the reason and click the OK button. The Order Status column changes to display Open. 


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