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General Orders: What now?

You have created your General Work Order and the Sub-Orders underneath it, now what do you do?  There are several actions you can perform for each sub-order.  These actions include holding, releasing from hold, cancelling, or completing the orders.

The first step is to access the sub-order, you will not be able to see your sub-orders within the All Active General Orders menu option you have to go into All Active Orders.  From there you will treat each sub-order as a regular work order and complete the work flow process. 

Your administrator has determined if you are able to close the general order if sub-orders are still open.  If your administrator has set the Don’t Close General Orders until Sub-Order are Closed setting to true, the system prevents you from closing the general until all subs are closed.  If the setting is set to false, you will be able to close the general with subs still open.

With either setting, once all sub-orders are closed or cancelled beneath the General Work Order, the general order closes as well. 

At any time during the processing of the general work order, you can add more sub-orders. To do so, click on the Create Orders buttons within the Sub-Orders Actions ribbon group to open the wizard to add more subs.  


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