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Connectivity allows you to view all the connections that are created within your database.  The list displays the device, whether a set or circuit, and the associated facilities information this includes all cross connects.  You can double click on any record to open the Connectivity window, within this window you can manipulate the facilities. 

You can also create new dedicated plant records.  For a record to be dedicated you have to take the connection all the way to the room and jack in the assigned building.  This kind of record is called Dedicated without port.  The other type of dedicated plant, is dedicated with port, this means you are dedicating the connection from the port all the way to the room and jack in the assigned building.  

Viewing Connectivity

1.     Click the Facilities menu.

2.     Click the Connectivity menu on the Navigation pane.

3.     Depending on the amount of records you have within your database, the list may not immediately populate. To populate the list, perform one of the following actions:

·         Within the search box, type the building name or portion of the name and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.   Within the list, you can view the complete connectivity for the device.  As you scroll to the right, the cross connects are listed.

5.   The Terminal Position, Building and Terminal are bolded, these are the location of where the device is located.  All cross connects work from this location back to the MDF.  


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