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Emergency Response Location

The Emergency Response Location is the location of where an emergency responder will be dispatched to.  This location should be specific enough that the responder can quickly location the caller.  Why do we have this?  With most phones going the way of VoIP, an ERL make it possible to assign a group of phones to a zone within a building. 

Within each building you will create the ERLs.  When you create a set, it will be assigned into the ERL.

Adding an ERL

1.    Click the Facilities menu.

2.    In the Navigation pane, click Buildings.

3.    To populate the Buildings list, you must either:

·         Within the search box, type the building name or portion of the name and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.   When the Building list opens, double-click the building name.

5.   The Building window opens. Within the lower pane, click on the Emergency Response Location tab.

6.   Click on the blank row marked with an asterisk (*) to add a new location.

7.   Enter in the following information for the ERL:

·         Emergency Location Extension

·         Emergency Location Floor

·         Emergency Location Room

8.   Once the fields are complete, click Save (to save and stay) to continue working with frame records, or click Save & Close (to save and exit) to return to the Building list.


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