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Globally Manage Equipment

Within this option, you can view all your equipment and make modifications to the equipment without having to go into each individual equipment item.

Modifying an Equipment Item

1.    Click Equipment/Services from the menu.

2.    Within the Navigation pane, click Equipment.

3.    There are two ways to globally manage your equipment:

·         Within the toolbar directly above the Navigation pane, click the Globally manage equipment button.

·         Within the Actions pane, click the Globally manage equipment link.

4.    With either option, the Equipment Global Change window opens. The window displays a list of the equipment items currently within your database.

5.    There are two ways to find the record you want to modify:

·         You can sort the list by clicking any column header. Click the header once to sort the list alphabetically or numerically. Click the header again to reverse the order.

·         Within the Search text box, type any portion of the record and click the magnifying glass

6.    Once the record is located, the following information is available, the fields marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be edited:

·         Equipment Name * - displays the name of the equipment (field cannot be edited).

·         Equipment Type Name * - displays the equipment type name (field cannot be edited).

·         Inventory Policy * - displays the inventory policy, whether None, Manage Individual Items, or Manage Total Quantity.

·         Warehouse – click the drop-down arrow to access a list; select the warehouse for the equipment.

·         Vendor Name - click the drop-down arrow to access a list, select the vendor name for the equipment.

·         Item Vendor - click the drop-down arrow to access a list, select the item vendor name for the equipment.

·         Serial Number – click the field to type the new serial number

·         Purchase Order Number – type the purchase order for the equipment item

·         Site – click the drop-down arrow to access a list and select the site. The site drop-down list displays the bottom-most site first. After the ~~ is the complete path to the site. In the example below, we selected the Henderson site, which is a child to Las Vegas. Each site level is separated by a >.

·         Item Status * – displays whether the equipment is Existing or Unavailable, you cannot edit this field

·         Total Quantity Available – click the field to type the total available quantity.

·         Rack, Shelf, and Bin – type the rack, shelf and bin name or number to provide the location of the equipment item within the warehouse.

·         Item Information 1 – 4 – use these fields to type any additional information regarding the equipment item. 

7.    Within the Actions ribbon group, click Save (to save and stay) to continue working with equipment or Save & Close (to save and exit) to return to the Equipment list. 

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