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Manage Report Category

The Report Category allows you to generate a report within Orders and Troubles to view the equipment and services related to each work order based on this category. 

Adding a Report Category

1.       Click Equipment/Services from the menu.

2.       Within the Navigation pane, click Equipment.

3.       You will have two alternatives for Managing Report Category:

·         Within the toolbar directly above the Navigation pane, click the Manage Report Category button.

·         Within the Action pane, click the Manage Report Category link.

! If you are unable to view the Actions pane, you may need to use the scroll bar to the right of the Navigation pane to reveal the menu choices. Or using your mouse, point at the Separation bar, and when the up/down arrow appears, right-click the line and hold it to pull the line down. 

5.   Using either of the choices, The Manage Report Category window opens. Click the top row, marked with an asterisk (*), to add a new record.

6.   The line highlights. Type the following information (required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)):

·         Report Category – type the category name, for example, material, overtime hours, regular hours, etc.  

·         Included Data * - click the dropdown arrow to access a list from the list select one of following:

·         All Charges

·         One Time Cost Only

·         Quantity Only

7.   To add another category, click the Save button and repeat steps 4 and 5, as necessary.

Deleting a Report Category

8.   Within the Manage Report Category window, there are two ways to delete a type of service:

·         Right-click the record selector box next to the report category to access a menu from the menu click on Delete.

·         Highlight the name in the list and within the Actions ribbon group click the Delete button.

9.   Once you click Delete, a message box appears verifying that you really want to delete the category. Click Yes within the box to continue or No to cancel the operation.

Once selected, CAIRS draws a line through the entire row allowing you to delete multiple categories at once.

10. If you do not want to delete the category, right-click the record to access a pop-up menu, and click Undelete.

11. Once you select Undelete, a message box appears verifying that you really want to keep the category. Click Yes within the box to continue or No to cancel the operation.

12. Within the Actions ribbon group, click Save (to save and stay) to continue working with categories or Save & Close (to save and exit) to return to the Equipment list.



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