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The Organizational Directory allows you to export the organization and related subscriber information.  There are a couple of options when exporting, you can narrow the field by creating a search parameter, you export the entire directory, or you can highlight a row in the tree and export only that row. 

1.       Click the Directory/Organization menu.

2.       Within the Navigation pane, click Organizations.

3.       You have a few options when it comes to exporting the information:

·         You can narrow the amount of information to export by performing a search, within the textbox at the upper right hand corner of the Search All Organizations pane, type the search information.

·         You can highlight a row within the Search All Organizations pane

·         You can export the entire organizational directory

4.   Once you have created a search parameter you can export the directory using on the following methods: 

·         On the toolbar at the top of the page, click the Export Organizational Directory button.

·         In the Actions pane, click the Export Organizational Directory link.

Either option creates a PDF document.

5.   At this point, you can either save the document or print it.

6.   To close the document, click the red (X) in the top right had corner of the window to return to the Directory/Organization list.