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Organization Overview

Before you can start adding organizations into your database, your administrator must first determine your levels.  The organizational levels are the structure of your site, for example, org, sub-org, department, and unit. 

The three main organization categories are:

  1. Parent: a Parent Organization is the highest level in your organization structure.  It is referred to as a parent because it can have dependent organizations below it.

  2. Child Organization: a Child Organization is subordinate to another organization. A Child Organization always belongs to another organization and is one level lower than the organization to which it belongs. You can add a child to a parent, child, or another child organization.

  3. Peer Organization: a Peer Organization is at the same level as the organization to which it is associated, it is more of a support organization.  It is not a sub-ordinate or child of the organization.  A peer organization can be at any level within your organization levels. 

You must first add the Parent Organization and then its Peer and/or Children organizations.


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