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Cisco Phones

Understanding the Cisco Window

When you access a Cisco set, it is a little different then a set device in Set Management.  There are three panes of information: Information from, Switch Summary Information, and Switch Detail Information.

Information from

This pane displays the information that resides in the database.  You will see the switch name, phone model and phone template. 

Switch Summary Information

This pane displays the information associated to each button on the set.  When you click on the link, the switch detail pane changes to displays the buttons information. 

Switch Detail Information

This pane displays the current data associated to the set within your CUCM.  There are four tabs of information at the bottom.  The Switch Detail Information displays the current information associated to the set, this information comes directly from your CUCM.  The remaining tabs display the sets connectivity, account information and any equipment or services associated to the set.  


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