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Configured Sets are sets currently within you database and configured according to the customer’s request. In this section, you can select sets and modify them for a specific user or reassign them to a new user.

Unique Communications assists your site with building the Feature Packages that provide various feature combinations for each set device. These combinations relate to the different user levels based on their needs. Feature Packages are included in Set Templates prepared by the administrator with the assistance of the Unique Communications installer. Only the features Set Device suppliers have identified as compatible with specific Set Types are included in the choices for a Feature Package. This includes restrictions Set Device suppliers have determined regarding where the feature can be located on the Set Device.

Set Management

Several menu options exist within Set Management with each option allowing you to either configure a new set or modify existing sets. You have the following available options:

·         Configured Sets – manage all phones relating to set that all switch types except for CM6 and AS5300

·         Cisco Phones – manage all phones relating to your CM6

·         AS5300 Phones – manage all phones relating to your AS5300

·         Directory – search, view, and export directory information for each configured set.

·         Published Directory – search, view, and export information relating to only published configured sets.

·         Active Primary Published Directory – search, view, and export information relating to primary telephone numbers on configured sets.

·         Multiline Hunt Groups – manage your multiline hunt group members.

·         Call Pickup Groups – manage your call pickup groups.

·         Intercom Groups – manage your intercom groups.

·         Office Hunt Groups – manage your office hunt groups.

·         Distribution Groups – create your Distribution Groups and members.

·         Set Templates – design the set types allowed within each site.

·         Feature Packages –manage the feature packages assigned to your various set types.

·         Feature Key Templates – manage features associated with the switch manufacturer and type.

·         Authorization Codes – manage you authorization codes, if necessary.