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1.     Click the Configured Items menu.

2.     In the Navigation pane, click Land Radio.

3.     There are two ways to add a Land Radio

·         On the toolbar directly above the Navigation pane, click the drop-down arrow next to New. From the list, select Land Radio.

·         Within the Actions pane, click the Add New Land Radio link.

4.   With either option, the General-Land Radio window opens.  There are 3 panes of information; Land Radio Information, Equipment & Services and Account Management.  For this section we will focus on the Land Radio Information pane, this pane displays the detailed information for your radios. 

5.   Within the pane, complete the following fields, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*):

·         Radio Serial Number * - type in the serial number for the radio

·         Radio Part Number – type in the part number for the radio

·         Radio Frequency – type in the radio frequency

·         Radio Type – click on the dropdown arrow to access a list of the radio types you created, from the list click on the type to associate to the radio. The radio type appears in the field.

·         Building Name * - click on the dropdown arrow to access a list of buildings, from the list click on the building to associate to the radio.  The building name appears in the field.

·         Alternate Location – type in the alternate location for the radio

·         Room – type in the room number

The next several fields provide you the means to track detailed information regarding your LMRs, you can complete as many or as few of the fields as you want:

·         Cage

·         Condition

·         Commodity Code

·         DoDAAC

·         Dra

·         Radio Manufacturer

·         Radio Model Number

·         Radio Description

·         Asset Type

·         Radio User Name

·         Radio User Phone

·         Radio User Email

·         Organization Name

·         Radio Memo

·         Radio Network

·         Radio Transit

·         Radio Receive

·         PWCS Equipment Type

·         Trunk Capable

·         Classification Code

·         Radio Vehicle

·         Radio Misc 1-5

6.   Once you have completed all the necessary fields, within the Actions ribbon group, click the Save button (save and stay) to continue working with this radio or click the Save & Close button (save and exit) to return to the Land Radio list.