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Understanding the Circuits Scree

Ribbon Groups


Understanding the Circuits Screen

Each ribbon group allows you to perform a set of functions for the circuit, for example, attach files, associate segments, add alternate names, etc

Ribbon Groups

Ribbon Groups


Within the Actions ribbon group, you can perform the following:

·         Save & Close – click this button to save the completed information and to return to the Circuit list.

·         Delete – click this button to delete the circuit

·         Save – click this button to save the completed information and continue working within the circuit.

·         Save & New – click this button to save the completed circuit information and to start adding a circuit.

·         Refresh – click this button to refresh the screen and apply recently changed items.


View and modify the associated circuit information within the Show ribbon group, for example, manipulate alternate names, view related orders and troubles, etc.


Add, modify and delete segments related to the main circuit.


Within the Attach ribbon group, you can attach a file to the set device. Your administrator pre-defines the attachable file types.

Circuit Panes



Within this pane you can view the segments related to the circuit.  When you double click any row the Segment window opens allowing you modify any of the segments information. 

Account for Equipment and Services

This pane allows you to associate account numbers responsible for charges incurred from the equipment and services related to the circuit. 

Equipment and Services

This pane displays the equipment and services associated to the circuit. At the top of the pane is a dropdown box that allows you to select what view you want, whether active, billed, installed, etc.  There are two checkboxes allowing you select whether you want to view equipment, services, or both


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