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Learning Center

 Viewing Circuit History

1.       Click the Configured Items menu.

2.       In the Navigation pane, click Circuits.

3.       Before the Circuit list populates, you must either:

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record, then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All link.

4.       The Circuit lists, displaying all existing circuits. Double-click the circuit to modify.

5.       The General-Circuit window opens. Within the Show ribbon group, click the History button. The following read only information displays for each action performed on the circuit:

·         Action Name* – describes the completed action. For example, Add New Main Circuit or Update Circuit.

·         Custom Field Name – displays the field name of the modified information

·         Old Value – displays the old information

·         New Value – displays the new information

·         User Name -  displays the username of the person who completed the changes

·         Last Name/ First Name – displays the first and last name of the user who completed the action.

·         Activity Date* – displays the date the action was completed.

·         Source* – lists the computer’s IP address.

·         Work Order Number – displays the work order number for the order completed to make the changes, if applicable.

6.       Alternatively, you can click on the lower portion of the History button to access a menu, from the menu select Old History.  The screen changes to display a list of all action taken on the circuit, to view more detail double click on the record. 

7.       A window opens with a more detailed description of the action.  

8.       Within the Action ribbon group, click the Close button to return to the circuit. Within the Action ribbon group, click the Close button.