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If the cell phone you are currently viewing is responsible for call charges, you can view a summary of the charges incurred by the phone. To view the calls associated to the phone, click the Calls button within the Show ribbon group. The window displays the following information for each call type:

·         Call Type – call type name.

·         Total Calls – the total number of calls made.

·         Total Cost – the total cost of calls.

·         Total Duration – the total duration of call in minutes.

·         Total Minutes – the total duration of calls in hours, minutes, and seconds.

At the bottom of the list is a total for all call charges. To view the details for each call type, click the plus sign (+) next to the call type name. To return to the default view, click the minus sign (-) next to the call type name.

All calls that are associated with a cell phone have to be inputted through the Vendor Media Input system.


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