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Assigned Inventory

Within Assigned Inventory, you can view and export the equipment that is associated to a set device, circuit, cell phone, work order, organization, account, and/or subscriber. All information contained within this list is read only.

There are a few different views that you can choose from to group the list by a common element. For example, when you select site, all the assigned equipment of Henderson is grouped under one heading. The following views are available:

· Simple List

· Bill From Date

· Bill To Date

· Account Number

· Equipment Name

· Assignment Type

· Site

· Custom View

By clicking on the option button next to a view, you can group the list based on the selected information.

Once you generate your report, you can export the information into a PDF, Excel, text file, or send the information to be printed.

Find Equipment or Services with no related account

Within the Action pane, click on the Find equipment or service with no related account link. run through your entire database to find any configured item that had a one-time, recurring or call charge associated that does not have an associated account number. Once it find them, an additional window opens with the Item Number or Name, Item Type, and the message of what charge type, charge amount, install date and a brief message.


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