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Automatic Number Generation

In cairs.net, Automatic Number Setup has been simplified.  To update an automatic number setup record, do the following:

·         Open cairs.net.

·         Navigate to System Admin > System Settings > Auto Number Setup

·         Click “Show All”

·         Open the Auto Number Setup record that you would like to change.

·         Select Standard and Incrementing mask parts from the ribbon.

·         Note: You can only have one Incrementing element.  If an Incrementing element has been added, the “Add Incrementing Mask Part” group will be disabled.

·         As you are setting up an auto number, the Mask Elements show each part of the mask that you have added.  You can delete elements and move them up and down within the mask from the Mask Elements list.

·         The Example will show an example of what the next automatic number generated might be.

In the Mask Properties, the following properties can be set:

·         Mask:  This field is edited only through the ribbon and the Mask Elements pane.

·         Enabled:  If checked, the related area in cairs.net will default the field that is numbered to use an automatic number.  Enabled has no effect on numbers that are generated by services running on the server such as CES.

·         Reset Increment Value: Determines what the first number will be in an incrementing mask part when it resets.

·         Use Fiscal Year:  When checked, a Date Part that is added that is a year will reset at the fiscal year boundary for Official Accounts as defined in Accounting > Official Accounting > Official Accounts > Manage Billing Cycle Plan (action).

·         If a mask is not valid, the Example will show an error message telling you what the problem is, and the system will not allow you to save the record.