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Accounting Changes

This page will be dedicated to explaining the accounting changes that have been made in version 14.48.  If you have an earlier version these changes do not apply to you.  

Before - What accounting used to look like

Before this change, there were two separate accounting entry panes to manage accounting for a set or cell phone.  Accounts for Calls managed billing of call records only.  Accounts for Equipment and Services managed billing of Equipment and Services only.  For customers doing both call record billing and equipment and service billing, it was necessary to add accounting in both locations.

Simplified Account Management - Billing by Number

Instead of having two separate panes for managing accounting, there is now only one Account Management pane.  This simplifies entering accounting data for sets and cell phones.  To change a number other than the primary number, the user can select the number from the Number dropdown.  The Number dropdown is now available on both in Account Management pane and the Equipment and Services pane.

Converting - The Technical Details

In order to switch to Billing by Number, a conversion runs automatically when the database gets updated to or later.  This conversion transfers all accounts for equipment and services along with the related equipment and service records to the Billed Assignment record for the related number.  If there are conflicting accounts already assigned to the number, then the accounts and related equipment and services will not be moved.  Equipment, Services, and Accounting Entries that are not moved will still be available under the following menu items:

Configured Items > Assigned Inventory (search on “Item Type” begins with “Old”)

Configured Items > Accounting Entries (search on “Item Type” begins with “Old”)

Deleted Sets and Cell Phone data will not be converted either and will also be available through the above menu items.


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