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There are essentially four parts to the General - Accounts screen: Ribbon Groups, Account pane, Bill Summary pane and Account Balance Summary pane.



Within the Actions ribbon group, you can perform the following actions:

  • Save & Close – click this button to save the completed information and return to Accounts list.
  • Save – click this button to save the information you have completed and remain within the Account.
  • Refresh – click this button to add newly saved information to the account.


Within the Show ribbon group, you define the entities belonging to the account. You define the Organizations, Site, Set Device, Authorization Codes, etc.


Within the Management ribbon group, you are able to view and change the account status. You can define whether the account is active, closed, suspended, etc.

Billing Tools

Within Billing Tools, you create bills to send to your customers for their one-time, recurring, and call charges. Each bill also includes the charges for equipment and/or services applied to the account.

Once you generate a bill, you can then perform refunds or adjustments as well as make payment to the account balance.

Account Information Pane

The Account Information pane displays general account information. For example, the account number, what charges the account is responsible for and account type, to name a few.

Notes/Equipment & Services Pane

This pane defaults to the Notes tab to allow you to add, view, modify and delete notes relating to the account.  At the bottom of the screen, the Equipment and Services tab allows you to view all equipment and/or services related to the account.  In addition, you can add or delete equipment or services related to the account.   

Bill Summary Pane

The Bill Summary pane displays the charges and balance for the selected billing period. Each billing period with a generated bill displays in the drop-down list on the right side of the pane. Once you select a billing period, the pane displays the balance, current charges and payments or adjustments.

Account Balance Summary Pane

The Account Balance Summary pane displays a more detailed bill description. There are several information tabs to view:

·         Balance Summary – displays the bill’s basic information. For example, date you generated the bill, payments, charges, adjustments, and statement balance.

·         Number/Circuit Summary – displays the telephone number or circuit and the charges associated with each.

·         One-Time Charges – displays a list of the one-time charges associated with the billing cycle.

·         Recurring Charges – displays a list of the recurring charges associated with the billing cycle.

·         Calls – displays a list of calls associated with the billing cycle.

·         Payments/Funding – displays a list of payments applied to the account balance when you generated the bill.

·         Adjustments – displays a list of the adjustments applied to the account when you generated a bill.

Within any of the tabs, if the complete information does not display, you can search for any part by typing the parameter into the text box and clicking the magnifying glass or by clicking the Show All button.