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Rollback a Bill

The purpose of rolling back a bill is to delete the previous bill and create a new one. Be aware that there is not a backup of the previous bill. When you roll back a bill, you are removing the charges from the bill and placing them back into the system. This allows you to modify the bill before sending a final bill to your customers or the Subscriber Portal.

You can perform a rollback on a single account or on the entire bill. See the section on Generating an Entire Bill which covers how to perform a rollback on the entire bill.


Performing a Rollback

1.    Click the Accounting menu.

2.    Within the Navigation pane, click Accounts, then Official Accounts.

3.    To populate the Account list, you must either:

·         Within the search box, type the account number or portion of the number and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.    The Accounts list opens, displaying the account matching your search criteria. Double-click the account. The Account window opens, and defaults showing the Billing Account information.

5.    To verify you are on the most recent bill cycle, click the drop-down arrow in the Select billing period box. performs a rollback from the top of the list to the bottom.

6.    Within the Billing Tools ribbon group, click the Rollback Last Bill button.

7.    A message box displays verifying that you really want to perform the rollback. Remember a rollback deletes the last bill.

8.    Click Yes to continue with the rollback or No to cancel the operation.

9.    The bill cycle no longer displays in the list, allowing you to generate a new bill for this account number.



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