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The Official Account Report Preferences allow you to determine what files you want to generate when creating a bill. In addition, you can determine where those files go, whether to a file or printer.

You can set the report preferences for each account number. When you set the preferences within the account, they overwrite any selections you have made here. For example, if you check the Call Detail XLS here but not in the account number, the call data XLS file will not generate.

1.       Click the Accounting menu.

2.       Within the Navigation pane, click Accounts, then Official Accounts.

3.       There are two ways to change your report preferences:

·         Within the toolbar directly above the Navigation pane, click the Official Report Preferences button.

·         Within the Actions pane, click the Official Report Preferences link.

4.   Within either option, the Billing Report Preferences window opens. The lower portion of the window displays the different formats and delivery options for your billings, as a default all fields are checked. This indicates the account summary or call data generates to the particular file type or location.

The following options are available:

·         Account Summary XLS – the account summary for each account number generates to an Excel Spreadsheet

·         Call Detail XLS – the call data for each account generates to an Excel Spreadsheet

·         Call Charges Tab Delimited – the call charges for each account generate to a tad delimited file

·         One Time Charges Tab Delimited – the one-time charges for each account generate to a tab delimited file

·         Recurring Charges Tab Delimited - the recurring charges for each account generate to a tab delimited file

·         Account Type – this default to Official

·         Mailed Report PDF to File – the mailed report is generated to a PDF file

·         Mailed Report PDF to Printer – the mailed report is sent directly to the printer

·         Report to XML - the call, recurring, and one-time charges are generated into an XML file.

·         Combined Detail XLS – this report provides a combined detail of all mission funded and non-mission funded charges relating to an account.

5.   If you want to remove the file type from generating, click on the box to remove the checkmark.

6.   Within the Actions ribbon group, click on Save (to save and stay) to continue working with your preferences, or click Save & Close (to save and exit) to return to the Official Accounts list.