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Viewing Official Accounts

1.     Click the Accounting menu.

2.     Within the Navigation pane, click Accounts and then Official Accounts.

3.     Before the Account list populates, you must either:

·         Within the search box, type the account number or portion of the number and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.   The Accounts list opens, displaying the account matching your search criteria. Use the Views pane to sort the Accounts list based on a common category or characteristic. The following views are available:

·         Simple List (default view)

·         Detailed List

·         Accounts by Directory Number

·         Authorization Codes

·         Account Status

·         Accounts by Bill Delivery Dates

·         Accounts by Building

·         Account Notes

·         Custom View - this selection allows you to create a custom view by dragging and dropping column headers to create a line display.

5.   To select a different view, click the option button next to the selection. There are two ways to populate the list:

·         Within the search box, type any portion of a record and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

6.   If available, click the plus sign (+) next to the group to view the individual records.

7.   Double-click the record to view the Account window. 


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