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Learning Center

1.    Click the Accounting menu.

2.    Within the Navigation pane, click Accounts, then Official Accounts.

3.    To populate the Account list, you must either:

·         Within the search box, type the account number or portion of the number and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

4.    The Accounts list opens, displaying the account matching your search criteria. Double-click the account. The Accounts window opens.

5.    Within the Show ribbon group, click the History button. The following read only information displays for each action performed on the account number:

·         Action Name* – describes the completed action. For example, Add New Billed Assignments Account or Add New Authorization Codes.

·         Custom Field Name – displays the field name of the modified information

·         Old Value – displays the old information

·         New Value – displays the new information

·         User Name -  displays the username of the person who completed the changes

·         Last Name/ First Name – displays the first and last name of the user who completed the action.

·         Activity Date* – displays the date the action was completed.

·         Source* – lists the computer’s IP address.

·         Work Order Number – displays the work order number for the order completed to make the changes, if applicable.

6.    Alternatively, you can click on the lower portion of the History button to access a menu, from the menu select Old History. The screen changes to display a list of all action taken on the set, to view more detail double click on the record.

A window opens with a more detailed description of the action. 

7.    Within the Action ribbon group, click the Close button to return to the account number.