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Reprice Unbilled Calls

Most of the time, the calls that are collected within UCE are priced. However, the pricing structure can vary requiring you to reprice calls. This menu option allows you to reprice the calls without having to re-run the calls through UCE. Before you can reprice calls, a System Administrator needs to create the following items within System Admin Call Record Setup:

·         Rate Types

·         Zone Group (if applicable)

·         Rate Group

·         Dial Codes

·         Call Types

·         Call Pricing Group

Once the call record has been set up, you can create a search parameter within Active Calls and generate a request to reprice the calls using the rates established within Once CES receives the request, it completes the request and returns the status to Accounting - Call and Media Imports - Reprice Calls Requests. 

Repricing Calls - VIDEO

Repricing Calls

1.       Click the Accounting menu.

2.       In the Navigation pane, click Calls and then Active Calls.

Depending on the amount of records you have within your database, the list may not readily populate. To populate the list, perform one of the following actions:

·         Click the Show All button.

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record and then click the magnifying glass.

3.   Click the double drop-down arrow next to the magnifying glass. The screen changes to display the advanced search options within the top pane. Once you have created a parameter, the results of the search populate within the lower pane.

Within the top pane, create a search parameter to narrow the field. Here are a few basic rules:

·         Next to each search field is a search criteria descriptor such as Contains, Equal to, Between, etc. This descriptor tells the system how to look for the information within the fields. You can select a different descriptor by clicking the field’s descriptor button. 

·         You can create a basic search parameter, for example, searching for a subscriber. Within the subscriber field, type the name or a portion of the name.

·         You can create a search parameter that includes multiple items. For example, you can search for a site and organization. To do so, type the name or a portion of the name into each field.

Once you have entered the search parameters, the search string displays within the text box next to Show All.

4.   To view the results of the search, click the magnifying glass next to the text box.

5.   Once the results populate within the lower pane, click the Reprice Calls link within the Actions pane.

6.   To view the submitted request, click Accounting - Call and Media Imports - Reprice Calls Requests

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Viewing Repricing Call Requests

1.       Click the Accounting menu.

2.       In the Navigation pane, click Calls and then Reprice Calls Requests

A list of all the repricing requests populates. The newest request displays at the top of the list.

3.       Within the status column, you can view what is happening with your request (whether or not it was executed, completed, failed, etc.).

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