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When calls come into your cairs.net database, directory/account information is associated with the calls. However, that directory/account information may not be correct for the call records. In order to remove the wrong information and replace it with the correct information, three processes need to be performed:

First, you will remove the wrong information from the call records by performing the Remove Call Ownership action within Accounts - Calls - Active Calls.

Second, you need to update the directory and account information relating to the extension. Within Configured Items - Set Management - Configured Sets, update the information for the extension.

Finally, your cairs.net administrator can update the directory information relating to the call records. Within System Admin - Service Management, the Update call record data process will need to be run.

Once these three processes are complete, the correct information displays on the call record. 

1.     Click the Accounting menu.

2.     In the Navigation pane, click Calls and then Active Calls.

Before the list populates, you need to create a search parameter.

3.     Click the double drop-down arrow to the right of the magnifying glass. The screen changes to display the advanced search options within the top pane. Here are a few basic rules when creating a search parameter, to narrow the field:

·         Next to each search field are search criteria descriptors: Contains, Equal to, Between. These descriptors tell the system how to look for the information. You can select a different descriptor by clicking the field’s descriptor button. 

·         You can create a basic search parameter, for example, searching for a subscriber. Within the subscriber field, type the name or a portion of the name.

·         You can create a search parameter that includes multiple items, for example, you can search for a site and organization. To do so, type the name or a portion of the name within each field.

·         Pay close attention to the Call Date field. The Date field allows you to remove the information relating to call records for a portion of the billing cycle. For example, the call record had a subscriber for the first 10 days of the cycle and a different subscriber for the remainder; you can remove the wrong subscriber for the first 10 days of the cycle or vice versa.

Once you have entered the search parameters, the search string displays within the text box next to Show All.

4.   To view the results of the search, click the magnifying glass next to the text box.

When you are creating a search parameter, you are creating the list of call records with the wrong directory or account information.

5.   Within the Actions pane, click the Remove Call Ownership link. A message box displays saying that this a time consuming operation and are you sure you want to proceed. Click the Yes button to proceed or the No button to cancel the operation.

6.   If the call records are already associated with a bill, the bill for the account number needs to be rolled back.

7.   Once the call records are free of the wrong information you can now update the set and perform a call record update. 

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